Clubland Cam Mix Excerpts

Lori Ellsworth Maier Jeannie Fillip

Since You've Been Gone
My Romance
Sweet Home Chicago
Suzanne Palmer
Melodie Magnuson Angie Doctor
Chick Singers At Clubland
near as I can remember...
Cam 1 - Stanley up front by stage, close-ups following singers, cam tilted up
Cam 2 - near audio board and me mixing video (Mark?)
Cam 3 - lower balcony / club box - stage left (Denise Madsen?)
video mixed on Panasonic WJ-MX10 (that "thing" you got me )
GREAT audio feed from board

This the video mix I sent to them for display on the monitor wall

Mark Walker Drums
Jim Trompeter Keys
Kraig McCreary Guitar
forgot who else...

These time stamps are for the original video, not this excerpt.

00;02;00 K-I-S-S-I-N-G
00;06;35 Lori intro

Jeannie Fillip
00;07;00 Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You
00;11;47 ????
00;15;20 New York Boys?

Sue Conway
00;19;30 Since You've Been Gone (Sweet, Sweet Baby)
00;22;30 My Romance
00;28;20 Sweet Home Chicago

Suzanne Palmer
00;33;28 We Can Work It Out
00;37;00 Georgia On My Mind
00;43;50 Purple Haze

00;50;40 ??????
00;52;00 Instrumental

Melodie Magnuson
01;01;10 ???? love me love me - i wish you were dead - get out my head
01;07;30 Running Up That Hill w Lori & Angie Doctor
01;12;35 ????

Angie Doctor
01;18;50 Mr Moonlight?
01;23;24 No Apologies
01;27;55 "I can recall another time when I knew that you were mine"
"the night can be so cold when you're not there to hold"

01;32;33 Night Moves
01;38;00 Secrets Behind Your Eyes
01;42;45 thank you Clubland
01;43;10 Whole Lotta Love



Is Anybody Out There?